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Our every engagement starts with an initial consultation. In some cases, this initial consultation may be enough to provide you with the guidance you need to tackle the problem on your own. However, in certain circumstances one may feel overwhelmed and will need expertise of an experienced and reliable lawyer to be able to navigate the waters of the Canadian legal system.


Block Fees:

If you decide to retain Viguiliouk Law to represent you, we will develop a custom plan defining the scope and duration of the engagement. We will also create a detailed list that will show a clear break-down and a timeline of the tasks to be completed and develop a fee arrangement that is tailored to your specific needs. In most cases we are able to offer a flat fee option. The flat fee covers services specifically outlined in the retainer agreement, assuming nothing out of the ordinary arises in the course of completing the work in your matter. If the project parameters change during the course of our engagement, we will discuss it with you and adjust the terms of our retainer agreement accordingly.  Although we charge a flat fee for most of our immigration and estate matters, because of the unique nature of each case, the exact amount will depend on the complexity of each case and will be determined following an initial consultation. All prices are subject to Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) of 13% and applicable disbursements.


Payment Plans:

Where a flat fee option is available, we offer a payment plan where you will be required to pay half of the retainer fee upfront upon signing the agreement, and the second installment will be typically due within a month or upon completion of our work, depending on the specifics of your retainer agreement. In cases where we charge on an hourly basis, our standard fee is $250 per hour plus applicable taxes and disbursements.


Please note that the initial in person consultation usually takes an hour and there is a flat fee charge of $250 plus 13% HST.


For a personalized assessment and qualified legal advice, please CONTACT Viguiliouk Law today and book your consultation.


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A payment does not create a client-solicitor relationship and one should not be inferred by the recipient. Such a relationship may only be created by a signed written retainer agreement and payment of fees.ed. Viguiliouk Law is not responsible for overdraft fees or other charges incurred if a credit limit is exceeded.

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