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At Viguiliouk Law we offer a wide variety of legal services covering the full range of Canadian immigration, citizenship and refugee matters. For a personalized assessment and qualified legal advice, please CONTACT Viguiliouk Law today and book your consultation.




Temporary Residence

Temporary Resident Visas

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

Temporary Resident Permits

Work Permits

Study Permits

Post-graduate Work Permits

Extending Your Stay or Restoring Your Status

Permanent Residence

Family Class Applications

Express Entry

Canadian Experience Class

Federal Skilled Worker

Federal Skilled Trades

Provincial Nominee Program

Caregiver Programs

Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds Applications

Relinquishment of Permanent Residence



Dual Citizenship

Citizens born abroad

Assistance with Citizenship Questionnaire


Business Immigration

Business travel assessments, business visitor visas and other business traveler programs

Labour Market Impact Assessments

NAFTA professionals (coming to Canada)

CETA professionals

Federal Business Class

Provincial Nominee Programs

Refugees and Protected Persons* (*limited intake)

Basis of Claim (BOC) Preparation

Applications for Refugee Status

Private Sponsorship of a Refugee

Pre-Removal Risk Assessment Submissions (PRRA)

Appeals to the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD)

Judicial Reviews of Negative Refugee Claims

Judicial Reviews of Negative Pre-Removal Risk Assessments

Immigration Litigation

Refugee Appeals

Sponsorship Appeals

Citizenship Appeals

Residency Obligation Appeals

Admissibility Hearings

Deportation Appeals

Deferral Requests and Stay Motions

Other Immigration Matters

Requests for Information (ATIP)

Responses to Fairness Letters

Requests for Reconsideration of Refusals

Applications for Rehabilitation

Legal Opinions



List of Our General Legal Services

Notarizing the copies of various documents

Commissioning documents and affidavits

Preparing consent letters for children travelling abroad

Drafting of Affidavits

Drafting Letters of Invitations

Legalization (Apostil) of Documents

Notarial and Commissioning Services

At Viguiliouk Law as part of our general legal services we offer notarization and commissioning of various types of documents. Whether you need to certify a true copy of your document or commission a document that requires you to confirm the truth of its content before a commissioner of oaths, we are happy to help you with these matters.


We will notarize and/or commission your first document for a fee of $50. Any subsequent document notarized or commissioned during the same appointment will be charged a fee of $20.


Please note that you need to bring all your original documents with you as well as valid photo identifications. If you require documents to be drafted (affidavits, consent letters, etc.), please CONTACT our office in advance to make an appointment.